Fund Raising Assistance

Fund Raising Assistance

  • Structure and organize new age businesses to become Investor ready
  • Craft a winning investor pitch and reveal the right messages to Investors
  • Reach out to a set of ‘matching’ investors

Any professional investor looks for business opportunities that are run by capable founders/teams with clarity and purpose. A genuine investor may get up to 250-300 business proposals in a day. They form the perception in first 30 seconds while looking at the proposal

TheStartupIn’s ‘Investor Relations’ team provides customized investor outreach services for entrepreneurs. It pre-screens a set of ‘qualified’ investors from its proprietary database through multiple filters like area of interest, net worth, capability to invest, geographic focus, credibility, business experience, past investment track record, recent funding activity, risk appetite and many more.

Our proprietary database of 8000+ investor include the following

  • Venture Capital Partners
  • Private Equities Partners
  • Angel Investor Network
  • Ultra High Net worth Individuals
  • Ex CXOs from Corporations
  • E-commerce millionaires

Deliverables from TheStartupIn

  • An impactful Investor Deck
  • 3 years / 5 years financial plan
  • Investor Contacts & Introductions

Personal Training

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    TheStartupIn is a one-stop-shop for startups and small businesses to avail all the services they require to start, scale and manage their businesses. We act as an extended arm of our client’s business which helps them stay lean and still manage to execute all the functions like a large organisation


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