Interim Positions Hiring

Interim Positions Hiring

Our team of educated, trained and skilled HR professionals helps you build your company’s hiring process and performs all or some of it for you: developing a hiring strategy, writing ads, receiving and screening resumes, creating and conducting phone interviews, background and reference checks, job fairs and more.

We learn your culture, stay current on the latest methods, give you quantifiable results and customize our processes to meet your specific hiring needs. You pay us only for the time we actually spend working with you — not for each placement. We want to help you put solid structures in place to help you grow your business, not just fill a bunch of desks.

Major benefits include:

  • You will receive an extremely focused and strategic approach to hiring – and let’s face it, who within your organization gets to focus solely on the process of hiring? We do!
  • For large hiring projects, you will save on the cost per hire since you can hire as many of the screened applicants as you want.
  • Social media hiring techniques are included in our process, so you are modernizing your hiring processes – without lifting a finger.
  • Your company’s reputation and appearance will be enhanced by our professional hiring methods.
  • You gain use of our applicant tracking system – used by top companies around the globe.
  • We become so integrated into the process, some say it’s as if we are sitting on your side of the desk.
  • You can use us when you need us, allowing you to scale up and down quickly.
  • You will be presented with applicants in their true form, since our goal is to help you make successful hires, versus earning a placement fee.
  • Because we are compensated for the work we do, versus per placement, we are typically 1/8th to 1/3rd of the cost of a staffing service or headhunter.

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